Unable to swap Manta from Pacific to Atlantic


I tried to swap Manta from Pacific to Atlantic today, however, it got stuck at the button ‘Approve MANTA’. All the time, I click on it, transition from ‘Processing’ back to ‘Approve MANTA’. Tried many times but unable to swap.

It’s like no service at this time. Exhausted pressing the button so bad.

Hello, your Manta tokens are probably stuck on Moonbeam, follow the screenshot I am sharing with you and make a transfer from Moonbeam to the manta Atlantic, sign wit GLMR tokens

i had same issue, how to fix it ? try to change moonbeam to manta atlantic but no amount

it said insufficient balance

explain your issue in details please, what are you trying to do? what is the error? share a screenshot please

if i change network to moonbeam like u suggest my amount of manta is 0, still cant bridge to atlantic for staking

share your metamask wallet address, please. Have you initiated withdrawal from Manta Pacific to the manta Atlantic?