Unanble to pay out Manta

I have MANTA coin on the manta wallet chrome extension v1.02 on pacific network + 0,02 ETH fopr gas fee on the same network. When I try to transfer to metamask wallet, the calculated gas fee is 0,0004 but transaction is rejected: not enough ETH to pay gas fee!?! I cant see what the problem is - any ideas?

Hey, Manta wallet transfer functions are not active at this moment.
What are you exactly trying to do? share more details please
you can Import manta wallet seed phrase to the Metamask and proceed with Metamask

I wanted to stake my MANTA coins, but could not connect the wallet, so I wanted to transfer the coins to Metamask for better safe holding and retry staking. I was really irritated because I can not move the MANT out of the wallet - I can move THH but the MANTA is stuck.
If you say the service is currently unavailabe, I can simply sit it out

with secret phrase yo mean the 12 world?


There is an opportunity to stake manta on Pacific chain in Bifrost LS with 30% APY. Import manta wallet seed phrase (12 words) to the Metamask and proceed staking in Bifrost with Metamask

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