Welcome StakeCraft, StakeBaby, SeafoodShop, Pithecus, BrightlyStake and TheMilkyWayGang!

we’re excited to have six more community collators moved into active collator category over the last two onboarding motion sets. this brings the number of calamari community collators to ten and strengthens the decentralised credentials of the network!

a big thank you to everyone who is running a collator and especially those of you who are still waiting patiently for your slot. we hope to get your collator active soon.


:blush: Good morning!! Very glad that I could be in one of the active collators!! Thanks so much!!!
Ready for contributing to Calamari/Manta network! Happy week!

My Congratulations, I hope we can join you soon.


This is healthy, I also look forward to the next round in order to get into the asset.

Thank you! Pleasure to be involved

congratz, guys. some of them are well known

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