What's up Wednesday - Aug 31 @ Manta Tech Series II: SNARKs, ZKPs, and other things the NSA doesn't want you to know about

:point_right: In this new opportunity to meet, Todd N, one of Manta Team’s most experienced cryptographers, gave us a lecture on the principles of ZK-SNARKs and how Manta Network is applying an ingenious way to provide privacy in our transactions with this technology without the obligation to disclose sensitive information that compromises our security.

The unbridled technological development we are currently experiencing can be both beneficial and detrimental to the privacy of the data we handle on the network. And it is this feature that has always been the most valued by all those users who wish to carry out their transactions through cryptocurrencies. Even before cryptocurrencies existed, since the time of the crypto-anarchists.

The zk-SNARKs are a type of cryptographic proof designed to ensure the highest possible privacy. To achieve this, zk-SNARKs are built using zero-knowledge protocols or proofs, an interesting technique that allows us to validate and verify information without having to give access to it.

The reality is that in these times of the Big Data economy, where artificial neural networks analyze you endlessly, corporations and governments absorb everything we do to control you at will, and personal privacy and transparency of institutions are more important than ever. Therefore, the creation of powerful and efficient solutions such as those that Manta Network is developing; that protect the privacy of your transactions in the digital world, today is gaining more strength and importance thanks to the expansion of the use of cryptocurrencies as a more versatile, secure and independent option.

Todd taught us that this concrete implementation of the ZK protocol, has some nuances that we can discover by understanding each of the letters that make up the name zk-SNARK:

:closed_lock_with_key:- ZK: Zero Knowledge; it is a type of cryptographic proof. It refers to the confidentiality and privacy of information between users without compromising their security.

:closed_lock_with_key:- S: Succinct; refers to the brevity and speed with which the proof can be verified and proven to be genuine or legitimate. As proofs are a demonstration of possession of information or data, their size is small, so they can be verified and validated in a matter of milliseconds.

:closed_lock_with_key:- N: Non-interactive; it means that there is no constant interaction, communication, or exchange relationship between the demonstrator and the verifier. That is, in zero-knowledge proofs it is only necessary to send a message with the proof to demonstrate possession of the information, without the need for constant or frequent communication between the parties.

:closed_lock_with_key:- ARK: Argument of knowledge; refers to the proof or knowledge that a tester has and can demonstrate to a verifier, to convince him that he possesses information that he knows and that is correct, but without revealing what that information is.

Today you will learn much more about one of the most prominent tools in this regard: zero-knowledge proofs zk-SNARKs. This powerful cryptographic implementation allows you to prove ownership over any information, data, or assets, without the need to disclose such information or data to any user or network at any time.

Interesting, isn’t it? Well, let’s see how Todd gives us in-depth, and with a very basic and brilliant example through a Rubik’s cube, how to understand what these new blind cryptographic proof systems are all about.

:bomb: You can watch the replay of the talk here :point_down:

See you next week with another chapter of the Manta Tech Series! :vulcan_salute: