What's Up Wednesday Bites - Aug 3

Hello, Mantalorians! Today was a great meeting! The team delivered important news and here are the details:

ROADMAP :world_map:
Starting next week we will be announcing our goals for the rest of Q3 2022, which will be focused on these essential points:

1. An enthusiastic Trusted Setup :tada:
Do you want to participate in our ceremony to launch Calamari? It will be a pleasure for you to be present. We will give you more details soon, along with a registration form for your confirmation.

2. Staking Program coming soon! :gear:
We are making good progress on this topic. We are committed to opening the opportunity to put your KMAs to work for you in securing the network. We will have much more details on this next week but it is finally coming!!

3. Collator’s Success. :hammer_and_wrench:
We will continue to expand and improve the strength of our network. We’ll give more information and details on how the decentralization and security of the Calamari Network are progressing thanks to the participation of our excellent Community Collators… Already today we can assure you that the Network does not depend on the core team and is totally autonomous and independent! Hooray!

4. Unification of MariPay and MantaPay brands. :fist_right: :fist_left:
We have noticed doubts about the differences or similarities between these two products. To avoid confusion we will merge both brand identities, as they’ll be the same product at the beginning, the only difference is that one will work on Kusama, in the Calamari network, and the other on Polkadot, in the Manta network. We hope this will avoid users getting confused about knowing where to privatize their assets on either network; just MantaPay and go!

NOTE: By mid-September, there will be a big reveal about the new and improved roadmap that we will go through together this Q4, for a Privacy fit for the times ahead. The Roadmap will come loaded with major updates and expansions to our service. Get ready, Manta is coming reloaded!

DOLPHIN :dolphin:
We know that Windows OS’s UX may not be so friendly and fluid. We are working hard to fix this asap and improve its performance. However, we have received reports indicating that on Mac, and Linux the experience runs great and smooth.

AUDITS. :face_with_monocle:

  • Internal: We will perform them ourselves extremely focused on finding our bugs, points of improvement, and service optimization.

  • External: We will count on the best third-party entities to validate the optimal functioning of our platform, detect possible errors we have escaped before internally and validate the clean and reliable work that we will offer to the public.

An important step forward: Calamari Mainnet will be launched in mid-September. Stay tuned for details in the official announcement coming soon. :rocket:

We are very excited about what we have to announce. We know it will motivate and delight the whole community! A lot is going on but we don’t want to jump the gun and say too much too soon. We know that many are anxious and alert about these revelations but we assure you that it will be worth the wait and you will understand why we have worked so hard in the last 6 months of development.

See you next week with important news! Don’t miss it and start telling your friends that On-Chain Privacy; scalable, multi-asset, interoperable and composable, is coming soon to the space!

May the Privacy be with you! :dizzy:


Thanks for the summary. :smile: