What's Up Wednesday Bites - Jul 27

This is the summary of the weekly Twitter Spaces call with the Community.

Events. :microphone:
Cryptist is coming !!
The first Zero-Knowledge community event in Turkey will be on the 30th of July at SALT Galata!

Manta Network is one of the sponsors of the event. Also, we’re bringing Zero-Knowledge advocates for an evening of networking around drinks, food, music, and a great time hosted by Manta Network and MEXC!

Join us at this great event, we’d love to meet you, and show you more about the project, up close!

The whole team has been focused on build, build, build and we haven’t been informing the community promptly about all these significant developments we have for you. We thank you for allowing us this time of restructuring so we can begin to unveil all that our new Roadmap will bring…:bomb:

Starting next week we will expand the communication range with the community to unveil more info about all the new features we will start launching. We will talk about:

  • MariPay launch :rocket:
  • Native on-chain staking :chains:
  • Many new features that will impact the way Privacy is used so far.:closed_lock_with_key:

More details about the roadmap for the next week.

**Collator Program.**:gear:
Very happy to be already in 15 different countries with the 9 new Collators just added. We are in the scaling phase and plan to keep growing, strengthening, and decentralizing the Calamari Network more and more! Thanks to all the Collators and our team of collaborators for their excellent work!

That’s all for this week! Thanks for coming and keeping up to date with what we are building for your benefit and privacy. Next week we will have the participation of our Senior Contributor, Shumo! Who will reveal great news and projections of the project!

Don’t miss it!:heart: