What's Up Wednesday Bites @ Manta Tech Series I - Aug 24

Here we bring you a small account of this, which will be the first of many different conversations that will be explicitly focused on the developments the Core Team will be doing, the progress we are making from Manta Network and Calamari Network, and aspects of Privacy technology in general that this project is preparing to offer you all very soon.

Mention was made of the important breakthroughs and achievements we have made since we obtained the Calamari Parachain through this Q3 of 2022, among which are:

1. Successful launch of the Collators program, with an increasingly decentralized Calamari Network. :squid:

2. Major products running in Testnet Dolphin v2 with many improvements and lots of community participation. :dolphin:

3. How close we are to enabling Staking On-Chain. :cut_of_meat:

The Core Contributor Adam R. walking us through the roadmap to getting staking launched in this Q3. He told us that, in order to get to offering native on-chain staking, we had to make some adjustments to the consensus protocol. Today with Adam, who has done a lot of work in this area, we will look at the details of our consensus migration; what changes there are, and what’s new on our Roadmap regarding this.

On-Chain Staking.
It begins with an exploration of the particular importance of Consensus from the global perspective, the local perspective, and within societies. We talk deeply about what Consensus means; The different ways in which various participants can come together to make the right decisions favorable to all, and why it is so important to the network, and to the community, the fidelity of proof that agreement has been reached on a specific issue; so much so that when everyone has agreed on a particular issue, there is nothing that can cancel it out.

“If there is a difference of opinion among the knowledgeable about some important matter, then we cannot say that there is consensus.”

For real consensus to occur, particular attitudes of four kinds are required: towards the ‘other’, towards the relationship with the ‘other’, towards the possibility that others have different criteria, values, opinions, and aspirations from one’s own, and towards the importance or necessity of having one’s own aspirations met…

With respect to Calamari, Adam mentioned that the adjustments will mainly improve resistance to censorship and that the main challenges of this migration process will be:

1. To be able to maintain compatibility and history of previous blocks and transactions on the new PoS protocol chain, making a smooth and seamless migration without disrupting the system.

2. To offer correct Incentives in a sustainable way for participants to do things the right way and without interest to corrupt or neglecting their responsibility and work.

:point_right: It was a very interesting and educational presentation that every member of the community should take advantage of. Watch the entire stream here

Thank you for your interest in Privacy and your support so that together we can take it to every corner of the crypto space. Don’t miss the next presentation of our Manta Network Tech Series where we will talk about Zero Knowledge Proof!

…May the Privacy be with you! :star2:


Amazing tech talk, looking forward to the next episode in the series :heart_on_fire:


It was a really interesting tech talk! Thank you Janko for a great summary, as always :wink: