What's Up Wednesday Bites - Oct 19

This week we’re talking about essential network happenings and upcoming special events!
Here’s the rundown:

1. Trusted Setup Ceremony. :candle:

The community is very excited, everything is going very well and we already have almost 2k registered members for the ceremony, which will be the largest in history!
We are already 1900 enlisted and, in the contribution phase, everyone will be able to leave their grain of sand to establish a highly private and secure network, and make history together!

- zCash had 2000 participants
- Tornado cash +11000 participants
- We are on track to break this record. We encourage you to be a part of Manta Network history! :muscle:

We remind you that we will offer an exclusive NFT to all members of the community who participate. This will be a memorable souvenir that will make you stand out from the rest of the community for participating with us!
We will also award a special title on Discord to let everyone know that you were one of those who marked a milestone in the history of ZKP!
The NFT will be awarded shortly after everything is finished well and the ceremony is closed.

If you have any doubts about how to register, you can ask us through Discord or check this guide
Also, you can watch this video tutorial made by a member of the community: Participate in the trusted-setup from Manta Network and win NFT - YouTube

Once the zkSNARK trusted setup is completed, the way will be clear to focus on MantaPay; we are getting closer and closer, and having our first product up and running will also be a big milestone in our history!

2. Delegated Proof of Staking. :chains:

Calamari migrated from PoA to DPoS; now anyone can be a Calamari Network operator. This decentralization encourages anyone to be a Collector Nodes runner in our Calamari Network. Also, you can delegate your KMAs to nominate these Collators to be the ones to do the work of collecting transactions on the blocks. For doing this you will receive On-chain staking rewards! :dizzy:

There are two ways to earn these rewards:

  1. Be a Collator and run a Node. (Follow this guide)
  2. Be a Delegate and give your KMAs to one of the active Collators to participate in the validation.

If you want to see a tutorial on how to stake your KMAs and earn some rewards by securing the network, go here $KMA On-chain Staking Tutorial - YouTube

  • Talisman Wallet connection:
    Some problems have been reported to us with Talisman Wallet, we are already in contact with the Talisman team to check what may be happening. This issue will be resolved soon.

  • XCM Moonriver Transfer:
    On the other hand, the issues with XMC transfers from Moonriver are already fixed and everything should be back to normal. So you will be able to transfer your xcKMA to the Calamari Network again so you can Stake in the network.

3. Global Encryption Day Twitter Space :studio_microphone: :calendar:

We will have a significant event! Join us alongside Secret Network, NYM, Orchid, and ZCash this Friday on Manta Network’s Twitter Space at 1PM EST to discuss the role of privacy in web3! We will talk about perspective, possible scenarios, and the future of the right to privacy towards regulators. We will have a very interesting conversation about the purpose of the UPA that you can’t miss.

RSVP your spot: https://twitter.com/MantaNetwork/status/1582752903064092673.
We’ll be waiting for you!

4. Community Challenges #2 :money_mouth_face:

New community challenges are starting to inform and educate the whole members about the importance of Privacy! This round will last a month and a half, culminating at the end of Nov. There will be 3 winners of $200 each!

This time all content formats will be accepted; YouTube videos, Infographics, TW threads, GIFs, MEMEs, etc… And we will also evaluate content in all languages! So, if you are an ambassador, this is your chance to help your community grow, educating and informing it in exchange for some great rewards! So check here the conditions and requirements for participation and start running for these rewards:

That’s all for this week! We are very happy and excited about everything that is coming up and for all the things that are going well for the whole community! We are proud to have an increasingly united, informed, and educated community around what we are developing! We appreciate all the support and remind you that we work 24/7 for all of you!

See you next week! :vulcan_salute: