What's Up Wednesday Bites - Oct 26

With a lot of good activity in the last few days, here’s a recap of the highlights of this week’s community call.

1. Trusted Setup :candle:
We have already reached 5000 registrations so far! At this pace, we are getting closer and closer to becoming the largest ZKP ceremony in history. Thank you all for the support you are showing and your interest in participating in this important event for Calamari Network. If you have already registered, tell your friends, family, and neighbors, and help them register to make it happen!

Remember that there are 2 parts to the process; the Registration and the Contribution. The second part will come in a few weeks, for now, you only have to complete the first part and make sure you have registered. We will send out an announcement via email and regular social media channels when the ceremony contribution is coming up. Stay tuned for more info, we will let you know!

2. On-Chain Staking :chains:
There are two major types of participants in the Calamari Staking program:

Stakers: Everything is going very well despite small bugs that have already been fixed as we have achieved great interest from the community. So far we have 20% of the total supply already contributing to securing the Network on staking. If you are one of the holders not yet taking advantage of the program, remember that you can receive good rewards and increase your participation in KMA, bringing security to the Network with your staking! Don’t wait any longer and take advantage of this opportunity to put your KMAs to work for you… go here and follow this tutorial

Collator’s runners: In the Collators program we already have +35 Collator nodes in good standing and more will be coming from Friday. We have a large waiting list that will be entering in active status in a few days. This is something very important for the extension of the decentralization of the Calamari Network. If you are interested in increasing the robustness of the Network and want to get involved in exchange for important rewards, don’t hesitate any longer. The technical barriers are quite low and the program is open to everyone, anyone who meets the simple requirements can participate! Please do it following these indications

3. Community Challenges. :money_mouth_face:
Following the amazing success of the first round of Manta challenges, we have just launched the second round of challenges for any member of the community who wants to support the rest of the community with informative and educational content in exchange for nice cash rewards.

For those of you that don’t know, Manta Challenges are a series of community activities focused on educating the space on Manta and Calamari Network’s mission and progress. This time around, we’re asking you to focus on the following topics:

:white_check_mark: Trusted Setup
:white_check_mark: DPoS/on-chain staking
:white_check_mark: Running a staking node/collator
:white_check_mark: The UPA

We encourage you to take some action and read this guide. We’re running this challenge until November 30, 2022! Now we are very flexible and open to all kinds of formats. Winners will be awarded prizes in December and all participants will also be considered for future prizes based on the frequency of their participation… So be sure to register your contributions and participate in the challenges!

4. MantaPay. :bomb:
We are finalizing the audit process and will soon have the diagnosis. We are also 99% finishing some adjustments for the new Dolphin v3; an update of some important details of the Testnet prior to the launch of the final product. Once this is finished and we break the historical record, with the Trusted Setup ceremony completed by more than 12000 participants :dizzy: , we will be just one more step away from launching the Mainnet with MantaPay on Calamari.

Many good things are happening on the Network and many more are on the way!" Once again, thanks to the community that constantly supports and backs us through their active participation in all the ongoing activities! Without you, Calamari would not have achieved so much so far!

See you next week! :metal: