What's up Wednesday Bites - Oct 5

:bomb: This week will be full of important events for the Calamari Network!
Let’s talk about some of them:

1. Community Challenges. :money_mouth_face:
Last week we culminated the 1st community challenge, where we gave valuable rewards in exchange for quality informational/educational work from you, the community…

We rewarded work for 3 themes or categories:

  • ZKP education
  • Shumo’s ZK validator Podcast
  • Q3 Roadmap achievements

We had a great amount of participation and outstanding quality work. We appreciate the effort and interest in making content that helps the community to understand better the importance of privacy and how the team is carrying out this mission!

:trophy: Congratulations to the winners! You should be receiving your prizes this week!
We also remind you all that we will keep track of all ambassador’s entries to consider future awards for those who stand out the most with their contributions…

:dizzy: The new series of community challenges is on its way! We will be posting new tasks and challenges so that all of you, the ambassadors, can continue the work of spreading the vision of Manta and Calamari to all your communities in exchange for good bounties!

2. On-Chain Staking. :chains:
The new Runtime upgrade has already passed and will be operational in a few hours. The Staking program will be tentatively available tomorrow, Thursday. We will offer guides and tutorials to make the process of staking your KMAs, and getting some yield, as easy and convenient as possible. It will be important for the whole community to contribute their stake to keep the Calamari Network strong and safe!

3. Trusted Setup Ceremony. :candle:
Finally we will perform this great ceremony next week. This is an important and necessary step to be able to activate our Zero Knowledge Proof in the right and safest way.

:point_right:t3: We are aiming for the participation of +12.000 community members around the world and to be the biggest trust ceremony ever! Can we count on you? :muscle:t3:

We will give NFTs as a memorable souvenir to those who participate in this historic event for the community, so be sure to attend and take home a unique, particular, and valuable NFT for those who are committed to Privacy on the Web3.

It will be a unique and unrepeatable event! We will only do a single ceremony, as this event will also serve not only for the Calamari network, with MantaPay but also for the Manta Network. It will be the same ceremony for both networks so don’t miss this event if you intend to be part of this whole project in the long run… By the time the ceremony is done, we hope that the audit will be done as well and we will be able to start our activities with everything in order and verified.

It has been a long road to get here and we are immensely grateful for all of you who, with patience and trust in the team, have supported and backed the project with your permanence and active participation! See you next week with more news and updates on these historic events for this project of yours!

May Privacy be with you! :vulcan_salute:t3: