What's Up Wednesday Bites - Sep 28

A few updates this week! Here, is the summary:

1. Community Challenges. :money_mouth_face:

We finished the 1st challenge a week ago and are selecting the winners of each category to be announced very soon. These challenges are open to everyone who wants to participate in different tasks in developing quality educational content, in exchange for a reward in USDT.

This challenge lasted one month and we are very pleased with the initial level of participation. We had 53 submissions from very active members. The next challenge will be announced next week on our recurrent community call. This new challenge will focus on product updates and technical events that we will have scheduled for these dates and also on the artistic creation of Calamari and Manta branding elements and content. More info, next week… don’t miss the opportunity to help grow a well-informed and educated community about the importance of privacy on Web3 and earn some rewards for that work!

2. Trusted Setup Ceremony. :candle:

This ceremony is a requirement to get Calamari up and running safely. We expect massive participation of 12,000 close and active community members. We will provide local support to each community in all languages so that everyone can participate and bring some surprises and novelty gifts for those who participate in this crucial Calamari Mainnet kick-off ceremony!

3. On-Chain Staking. :chains:

It will be on the air starting Tuesday of next week probably. We are in the final steps to get this approved on the network, the runtime upgrade will be done tomorrow so we can deploy the Staking program right away. We need to have the setup ceremony successfully completed in order to move forward with the Staking enablement. Once the ceremony is completed, the audit of our code should also be finished so that we can move straight to opening the native Staking program so that you can all put your KMAs to work on the security of the chain…

That’s all for this week! We appreciate the support and patience you give us by trusting that the team is working as hard as it can to meet as many as possible on the dates offered. Everything is going smoothly and we will continue to announce good news at the beginning of Q4!

See you next Wednesday, trooper! :vulcan_salute:t3: