What's Up Wednesday Bites - Sep 7

:bomb: This week we were at Twitter Spaces, where Kenny, co-principal founder, was giving some great alphas. Here are some bites:

  • Community Program :woman_superhero:t3: :man_superhero:t6: :man_superhero:t3: :superhero:

We have officially stopped the first version of the ambassador program that worked on a point system. Thanks to all who participated, your points will be respected. Then we will tell you how to take advantage of them.

This time, with this new plan, we want to offer immediate rewards, in the form of stablecoins bounties, in exchange for well-curated content about what’s happening with the project. The team will evaluate these contents and the best work will be rewarded. However, even if you don’t win one of these challenges, your work will be taken into account for further consideration for your contributions. So everyone who collaborates with good content will be able to enjoy benefits that will be announced later. What we want to reward is constancy, quality, and loyalty to the privacy project that we are all carrying out.

In addition to this, we had talked about starting with content only in English. However, after talking with Regional Commanders, we have decided to open the program to all the community languages as we have noticed a high interest in participating in the development of content and in participating in these new Community Challenges.

  • Staking Merge :chains:

At Calamari Network, we have our own merge of validation protocols and we are on the way to switching from PoA to PoS in order to start the Staking Program. You will be able to stake your $KMA tokens on-chain in the community Collators to increase the security of the Network and make Calamari an even stronger and more robust Parachain.

Those who contribute their KMAs for this purpose will be rewarded in KMA staking proceeds for the validation of on-chain transactions and fees. We know this is something that many have been looking forward to and we hope this economical adjustment will benefit everyone. We will reveal more information on Monday of next week…!

  • Trusted Setup Ceremony. :candle: :confetti_ball:

When we launched the Calamari Network, we commented that an additional setup would be needed as part of the infrastructure we need to generate ZKP in the most secure way, and thus prove the accuracy of a statement to another user without revealing any information.

The trusted setup is how we generate the proof and verification keys needed to create a transaction on the Calamari Network. A trusted configuration is part of the infrastructure we need to generate ZKPs. This ceremony requires the participation of several trusted people in order to be successful and we want as many community participants as possible in this important event that will initiate ZK circuit security in our network.

There will not be any monetary reward for participating but we want you to know that this is a key event to get everything off to a good start and we can deliver on our promise of secure, scalable, multi-chain privacy for all. We have planned to reward with a special and unique NFT those most loyal members who decide to be part of this ceremony, with some exclusive benefits that we will clarify later.

  • Mantapay on Calamari :squid:

Mantapay is scheduled to launch in early October. Remember that MariPay and MantaPay will be unified in a single brand, as MantaPay for both networks. With this launch, we hope to start providing multi-asset privacy for the Kusama ecosystem, but for this, it is necessary to perform, as mentioned, a reliable Trusted Setup Ceremony before.

  • Solarbeam triple reward! :money_mouth_face:

We remind the community that a reward scheme is available on this platform for those who provide liquidity in the KMA/MORV pair. These rewards are in $SOLAR, $MOVR, and $KMA, with a relatively high yield!

  • Events. :spiral_calendar:

We will have a major presence at ETH Berlin. We will be one of the main sponsors of the event and we will talk a lot of good stuff about ZKP and Privacy in the ecosystem, plus several important announcements will be revealed accordingly.

We will provide more details of these upcoming events so that those of you who are close by can come and share with the team more closely.

This September will be a peak month for the community, remember that we have big news waiting to be announced in the middle of the month! We are sure that everyone will be satisfied with the turn and evolution of the project and with all that the technology that the team is tirelessly developing will be able to cover!

Thanks for attending and we hope to have you back next week!
More great announcements are coming, stay tuned to the official channels!