What's Up Wednesday - Jul 6

This time from TW Spaces!

1. Dolphin v2.:dolphin:
It’s been on hold for the last two weeks, but we’ll be getting it back up and running with many more improvements.
We are very excited about it; the speed has improved a lot and so has the block sync, plus the necessary tweaks to make the UX flow properly. Expect the reopening of our Testnet during today>!

2. Referendum proposal.:wave:
In order to continue producing blocks after the lease period has expired, we have secured a secondary parachain slot in Kusama with parachain-id 2122. The first lease period of the secondary slot overlaps with the last lease period of Calamari, so it is possible to swap the remaining lease periods of both parachains. Effectively extending Calamari for another year.
To complete the swap, Calamari governance needs to send an XCM message to Kusama with referendum 22
We are excited to continue operating the Calamari parachain for another year and bring private payments and much more to the Polkadot ecosystem and beyond, soon…

3. Upcoming events.:microphone:

  • Polkadot Decoded was a great experience. We had the opportunity to expose our philosophy and vision about privacy in space to a very important audience that now knows a lot more about us.
    Did you see this interview, one of our key contributors, Kenny Li, gave us the 101 on zero-knowledge testing at Polkadot Decoded, while casually skewering the “if you have nothing to hide” argument against privacy!
    Watch the full interview here

- ParisDotComm
3 days of conference sessions and workshops organized with the main projects of the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems where we will have an important participation.

  • Cryptist @ Stanbul the first Zero Knowledge community event in Turkey, will be on July 30th at SALT Galata!
    Our great cryptographer, Todd, will talk about “SNARKs, ZKPs, and other things the NSA doesn’t want you to know”, and explore the depths of cryptography.

4. Communication Evolution🗣
For our community activities, we are moving from TG video chat to TW spaces. In this way we will take more advantage and expand the scope of our weekly calls to a broader audience. Making more digital events and incorporating much more interesting information;
collaborations, other Top projects participation, info on other relevant topics, industry analysis, and points of view that will help the whole community to have a better vision and purpose about what is coming in privacy and beyond…

That’s all for today!
We thank all of you who have been with us for so long for your loyal support!

…Stay tuned! :rocket: