What's Up Wednesday - Jun 15

This is a small bite of the weekly community call on the TG channel for this week.
Enjoy & keep informed!

  1. Events.:tada:
    We were at Consensus and were able to meet with the community and with many important projects with which we were able to make more good overall connections within the ecosystem.

Upcoming events:

  • The NFT.NYC

  • Polkadot Decoded! We will be present in NY and Berlin to bring you really interesting papers on privacy.

  • ETHCC in France. If you are there, let us know!

  • We will also be at CryptIst @ Istanbul, Turkey, on July 30th.

This couple of months ahead will have important events in the industry and we are going to make the most of it to make better known the privacy solutions we bring in hand.

  1. Dolphin TestNet.:dolphin:
    We have made great progress during this time. We have already more than doubled the amount of participation of the whole V1 that lasted 6 months, in only 2 weeks.

So far:
:zap:19K Unique Wallets registered!
:zap:135K Signed Extrinsic!!!

This means that we are having great participation and we are being able to stress the Network to know its strengths.

  1. Updates coming.:hammer_and_wrench:
    This will significantly improve the Dolphin V2’s user experience, detailed improvement includes:

Dolphin Test Node (v3.2.0):
:point_right: Implement a customized RPC interface to selectively synchronize MantaPay ledger UTXOs to wallets.

Dolphin dApp (v2.1.0):
:point_right: The web app now syncs to the blockchain more efficiently, improving transaction speed, loading speed, and UI speed in general.

:point_right: This release fixes a bug that caused the web app to show stale private balances after a transaction succeeds.

:point_right: The web app now lets users know when the wallet is performing an initial sync to the blockchain so that the user knows when they can expect wait time.

:point_right: The web app now shows a loading animation when the user’s private balances are refreshing.

:point_right: The sidebar now has a bug report link.

We have been attentive to the high user activity and have taken the comments we receive very seriously in order to continue optimizing the product. We are immensely grateful for all your participation and support with the bug reports and feedback sent by all participants. This will make us stronger!
Please stay tuned for more updates to come so you can try out the new functions and features that the Dolphin update will bring in the near future.

That’s all for this week!
See you back here next Wednesday with more news for the Mantamari community! :squid:

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