Unable to withdraw ETH staked for Manta pradigm airdrop

I had staked 0.4 ETH on Manta paradigm which I am unable to withdraw now. I neither got any STONE back. Can I seek help in withdrawing this please?

Address - 0xa7fE0f13642E48E26d43b1cCf75992Bc613fb8fC

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Hey, follow this guide please - when unstaking choose instant method. Let me know if you have any other issues

Hi @Keithbm, thanks for this. I will try and get back

Hi @Keithbm I tried “Instant Method” via stakestone, however my wallet address has nothing to unstake, looking for you further guidance on this

Hey, we need to check out, share your wallet address please

@Keithbm Here is my wallet address… 0xa7fE0f13642E48E26d43b1cCf75992Bc613fb8fC

Hello, I have checked out on Manta explorer - it is shown that your 0.398 Eth were transferred out 4 months ago. You can check out yourself

check out please if this transaction was not made by you

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Same issue here, staked 0.4eth, didn’t get any Stone. Cant withdraw. Try to follow your guide, wallet has nothing to unstake.

Wallet address: 0x436379BdD8FfeCB46e948CC863da0f6fe9574A0d

I checked your Manta explorer, cant even find the deposit 0.4eth in transaction record… what’s going on? Stucked in this for 6months, got nothing, cant even find my staked eth…

Hey, it looks like this wallet you have shared never participated in the new paradigm, there are no transactions and in your screenshot is clearly visible that you bridged 0 Ethereum

Thanks, I found it now, its in another wallet.


I also want to withdraw the eth I have on new paradigm manta network

Wallet address 0xfBC980cB4f0028e74B0F48A688Fb5274AbD3d746

Sorry wrong address. Here is address 0xDA98f15c5A80Da5a41fBB773120B27185a31B1D8

Hey, follow this steps from the guide - choose Instant method, please

From your wallet address, I can see that you converted your Stake stone into the Layerbank Stone, which layerBank stone was transferred out of your wallet 3 days ago to this wallet addresses: 2.56 to the 0x8Fd07F6Dab3B84609442A420d21F01C65ca7a359 and 0.45 to the 0x815b2c81BdcAD7fF34B360B73048a5EA41DEf1B8
check out yourself token transfers from your wallet in blockchain

Thank you for responding. This transaction 2.56 to the 0x8Fd07F6Dab3B84609442A420d21F01C65ca7a359 does not make sense to me.

Is this saying that the eth is off of the manta network, because I did not transfer the eth.

The image I sent is from today shows the 3 eth on the manta network.

Please explain what is going on. Is there 3 eth on the manta network for me to claim?


I tried following the instructions and got stuck. I need more help.

What has happened since your post? It seems I am going around in circles. I could not do a request to withdraw without stone token. So I converted $1 usdc to stone so I could put it into the bird site. It was a success, the stone was used, now what? My 3 eth does not appear anywhere I go to try and withdraw. It wants to convert stone to eth, Am I suppose to have enough stone to convert to eth, this does not make sense.

the ethereum which you see is just a dashboard reflection of the deposit you have made. At this moment this eth is not in your manta pacific chain
Check your blockchain transactions as i have explained above and see yourself. You have converted stone into Layerbank stone, later this Layerbank stone was transferred out of your wallet.
Try to open a ticket at Manta Discord server - let them check once again if you wish

Thanks again for responding, I will try a ticket on Manta Discord. I did not withdraw the eth and dont have it.
I got some stone from an airdrop, not much, which I did withdraw to my wallet. But that was it.

This could be that I lost the 3 eth.

I deposited eth because Virtual Bacon said there was to be
a big return. When I check there was suppose to be a lot of interest earned.