Withdraw ETH from https://newparadigm.manta.network/

Hi, can someone help me? I like to withdraw my ETH from manta network. I staked it for the manta airdrop but now I can’t withdraw them. That’s how it seems anyway.


Hello @Bob :slight_smile:

by participating in the RenewParadigm campaign (and thus staking via any of the participating dApps at https://newparadigm.manta.network/) you’re locking your tokens for 69 starting from the campaign’s inception

… as specified in the corresponding campaign details on Medium.

You can read all the details about ReNew Paradigm at Introducing Renew Paradigm: Monster Ecosystem Yield on Manta Pacific | by Manta Network | Mar, 2024 | Medium

Hey @Bob , if you are referring to the Manta New Paradigm - follow this guide to find out how to withdraw your Stone from the Manta Pacific to Eth mainnet and unstake it - receiving Eth. Let us know if you have any other questions

Hi Keith, thank you. My question is about my initial ETH which I staked for the Manta airdrop. I already withdrawn the STONE. My initial staked ETH are still locked. I like to withdraw these ETH. Is there a tutorial somewhere?

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Hey @Bob - since you have withdrawn the Stone from the Manta Paradigm platform - there is nothing more to get there. When you first contributed to the Manta Paradigm tou have staked Ethereum which was automatically converted into stone. I understand that you have unstaked the stone and received Ethereum

The Ethereum you see now on the new paradigm dashboard is just a reflection of your deposit, but since the stone is unstaked, you have nothing more to claim. Are there any other issues?
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I staked 5.2 eth and got 3.5 STONE. So I lost 1.7 ETH you mean?

This information was not provided by you before. We need to check - share your wallet address and new pardigm dashboard screenshot please


Your 1.67 Stakestone ether were transferred out 3 monts ago, here is the tr hash link

all token transfers are visible in explorer, check out yourself

Mmm, never seen these stones. Yes, I see the transaction. Any idea where I can find the 1.67 stone? I can’t see them in my wallet.

I will try to check closer later or I will ask someone from the tech support

If you check the transactions. There is an incoming transaction but also an outgoing transaction at same moment.

it looks that you have put your 1.67 eth in Layerbank on this date. follow the screenshot

I have checked your transaction on your Debank profile on Manta Pacific side - you can check yourself

were this transactions to the layer bank not made by you? @Bob
I will try to check out with the team once again ang let you know

yes, you have minted LayerbankStone from the Stakestone. I will suggest you to check on Layerbank

Hey, as I have mentioned yesterday and shared txn yesterday -
you deposit STONE then on the txn transfer to LSTONE ( about 1.6747 STONE ) - it was confirmed by thetech support team as well. Check your Layerbank account please. Let me know if there are any other issues - or I will close this discussion

Hi Keith, I think you are right. Thanks for your help and time. I totally forgot the layerbank. I’am learning the crypto world :-).
Thanks for guiding me.
Wish your a great day.

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