Manta bridge error

Hello friends. I wanted to do a bridging process from Manta Pacific to Manta Atlantic for staking. It crashed many times when switching to the moonbeam network. I typed the given letters and numbers many times, but it gave the same error every time. I also refreshed the page and now my mantas do not appear in my wallet. help


Hey belgeenes, welcome to the Manta Network’s Governance Forum :slight_smile:

  1. What’s crashing the browser or the wallet?
  2. Could you please provide more details (or even screenshots) about the crashing you’re referring to? Also, which wallet are you using?
    -3) Could you also please share your transaction id (provided that you managed to successfully execute a transaction)?

Hello @belgeenes , your funds are probably stuck on moonbeam, go to the
and choose Moonbeam network as a destination chain and manta Atlantic as a receiving chain

Follow this screenshot (you will need some Glmr tokens to sig the transaction). Let us know if you got any issues